Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 1 - Sydney to Cobar, on a Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrimage

Day 1 - Sydney to Cobar
Map of Australia used by students of Silverton Public School over 100 years ago for Geography lessons.

Aboriginal Spiritual site one, Mt Grenfell Historic Site, land of the Ngyiampaa.

Kilometres across the Great Dividing range, past Bathurst, then Orange & eventually to the copper town of Cobar. Our journey together as 10 different souls began into the heart of this country drifting in & out of chatter, laughter, stories, daydreams & snoozing.

The landscape prepared us for an immersion of spiritual experience, of Mt Grenfell Historic site, Mutawintji National Park & Mungo Lake National Park.

This is not a travel diary but a reflection of my journey with a group of non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Australians. 

With these companions I want to explore -
    What is Aboriginal Spirituality?
    What makes me Australian?
     How to become more culturally aware of Aboriginal perspectives?
I hope this blog will;
    Have some learning stimuli for kids from K-6.
    Hopefully be entertaining even if it is only to me.
    Be thought provoking for the reader, but understand it just my personal thoughts. In other words I refuse to do any thinking for anyone else.
    It is my reflections on what I have learned during this trip & in no-way based on academic research evidence.

So now time to be a pilgrim into the heartland of Outback NSW.
Is this a place too far?

Mutawintji National Park, land of the Paakantji.

Mungo Lake national park