Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 9 - This is our land.

Day 9 - This is our land.
Leeton full moon. What cultures use the moon for thier calendars?

Early on this very cold Leeton morning we shared a special Aboriginal ceremony with a special Aboriginal person, which I felt was a wonderfully appropriate way to set off on the journey back to our homes in the big smoke.
When you next travel in Australia find out what Aboriginal land you cross. There are many signs in towns where you could stop. Look for them & tell your teachers, friends & family.

We have visited, walked & yarned with 3 Aboriginal people, in 3 of NSW's most sacred Aboriginal sites, 1. Mt Grenfell of Ngyiamba land, 2. Mutawintji National Park land of Paarkanji & 3. Mungo lake land of  Paarkanji, Ngyiamba & Mutti, Mutti people.
The stories in art of the Ngyiamba people, Mt Grenfell Historis site.

We are small compared to the Mutawintji National Park.

Across the ancient Mungo Lake landscape Eric continues the Parrkanji song-line.
I started with questions, but I finished with not answers but greater understanding.  I understand in a deeper way that Aboriginal spirituality cannot be separated from the land & that this spirituality was & is connected to their survival, story & life. To be uniquely Australian I feel I need to connect in some way to this Aboriginal spiritual way by visiting these places at least once in a lifetime similar to other religious pilgrims who visit places like Rome or Mecca. Like Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha time spent the wilderness had a major impact on their spirituality. I believe it is similar for Aboriginal people & the opportunity is there for all Australians. 

I have also learned that when connecting with other Aboriginal people I need to speak less, listen more, & ask thoughtfully when I feel a need for deeper understanding.
So passing through the town of Hay, Junee & Cootamundra before joining good old Hume Highway on our way to another sing along with 'Bran Nue Dae' the wonderful musical movie. So here we go one more time
There's nothing I would rather be
than to be an Aborigine
and watch you take my precious land away.
For nothing gives me greater joy
than to watch you fill each girl and boy
with superficial, existential
……..? (sounds like ship)