Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 6 - Crossing borders

Day 6 - Crossing borders

We crossed the border into South Australia at Cockburn. There is no line all you need to do is to take a few steps & your in South Australia, then back a few to return to NSW. What are these borders that are so feared, protected & exact a high price on those without a passport who cross them.

Some questions about borders -
    Why do countries have borders?
    Are they necessary?
     What were the reasons for people moving from place to place in the past, are presently & what do you think will be the reasons in the future?
Go to the toilet to leave NSW.
Yamba the honey ant came all the from Alice Springs & meet some friends on an "Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrmage"
NAIDOC week special day was celebrated in Broken Hill in the local Sturt park. Yamba, the honey ant was singing & chatting to the kids while there stands offering all sorts of things from health, legal, food to other fun stuff.
     Do the old google search & find put what are the words for the acronym, NAIDOC.

  •  Watch the video above, listen the Abroigianl words. What do they mean in English?
The great advantage & privilege is witnessing when traveling with three Abroiginal people the acknowledgements that different Aboriginals give each other. For example when greeting another Aboriginal person Dave uses what I call the 3 step handshake, hand, clasp then knuckles. While young Aboriginals as greeted Graham 'Uncle' in Coles & Jules engaged with other Aboriginal people at the NAIDOC event in the park with stories of her home country Walgett.

Find the kangaroo? Read below is it male or female?

How fast can emu ran? How many eggs can they lay?
Why are the kangaroos red?

The afternoon saw us drawn to the flora & fauna of the "Living Sculptures" of Broken Hill. The 'Desert Sturt Pea', 'Ruby Salt' & 'Dead Finish' flora enticed us into a journey where we learned to appreciate the beauty of the this desert landscape. Two of us followed the cultural track leading to the story poles, mulga bush hunts & a magical sunset view over the undulating hills. We said goodbye to the black faced wallabies, headed down the track to the empty car park, but had the faith & belief that the desert spirit would remind Dave to return collect us.
How many kangaroos in this photo? How many are male or female?
    Make a list of 5 examples of flora & fauna that live around Broken Hill.

What is the name of this well known Australian desert flora?
Peoples across the world feel a connection to land & place. While most of my life has been a coastal dweller, I find myself drawn into a different place in thought & spirit within this space, land, bush & light.

Venue for dinner.

Our camp mum, had prepared a wonderful candle lit dinner which lead again to the 'yarning circles', reflections of our experiences from the previous day.